May 03, 2017

Someone out there knows..

Blue skies all day today! Raked some chukies, pulled up a bit of the tarp underneath, dug the ground underneath and put in the buddleia, they were very root bound, hope they will be happy where they are. Need to get some kind of edging for that bit and for when we have dug the border all the path, think we will probs fill it with what we got already. The bit down the bottom where the ferns are are going is gonna be so much more work. The was a visit today to so we cleaned inside to, bloody knackering especially since we have a cold.. Weather said the rest of the week looks pretty clear so we will see how we get on or if we just feel too ill and want to cry.

Christ what is CNN like working for the McCanns again. No other important issues that voters need to know about worth exploring, no threats to democracy, no rolling back of human rights, no increasing chance of nuclear war because pig ignorant weak pathetic leaders need it to stay in power, no droughts, no famines, no corruption but they would like to bring how rings are protected and enriched by MSM back into the minds of victims and survivors. Ohh so subtle CNN. Whoever it was we told that McCanns back being protected by CNN was going to trigger us so badly we would commit suicide, then said we couldn't cause we are too programmed not to then said we would allow them to kill us, we were lying. Someone said it would be the finial straw for them but we don't know who, what they are planning or if they even meant it..

We might be knackered and fevered but we are also weedless so sleeping tonight is probs gonna be easy. Got clean bedding and jammies so hopefully wont wake up drenched when we do sleep, kinda bugs the cat/s to if we have to turn a soggy duvet in the middle of the night.

Miss you.